Starting the New Year Off Right

I officially started 2012 with a laid back evening of Game of Thrones with a friend of mine, and my husband half-watching from his computer in the background. We managed to watch all 10 episodes in a row, without breaking for sleep, finishing sometime around 4:30 am. Good stuff. I want to read the books now, BUT.

I’m notoriously bad about starting series and never finishing them.

It’s not that I dislike series–on the contrary, I love the idea of getting to live in a cherished world for book after book–but I tend to need a palette cleanser after a couple of books of the same genre. Either that, or life gets in the way of my reading habit, and by the time I come back, I’m in the mood for something completely different. Case in point, my romance novel quest. (I’ll get back to it eventually, but for now I’m on a different reading train.)

Combine this with the fact that I have a terrible memory for stories. It’s a bit of a blessing, because it means I can re-read favorites almost as if they’re brand new, but when it comes to finishing series, it’s a curse. I can read book 1 and book 2, but by the time I get around to book 3, I’ve completely forgotten what happened. I start over. Repeat this ad nauseum, and I’m doomed to never finish series.

And the Song of Fire and Ice series has some hefty tomes. I’ll be saving those for my retirement days, I fear.

So instead, I spent half of New Year’s Day (well, after I’d gotten some sleep) trying to pick out something else to read. After much debating–as choosing a book to read is SERIOUS BUSINESS–I settled on:

The Fairy Godmother

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

Which is–you guessed it–the first book in a series. *facepalm*

On the bright side, they are not nearly the 800-pagers that Game of Thrones is, so I blew through the first three before the long weekend was over. I finished the 4th today by using the Kindle read aloud feature (I am soooo in love with it) at work. There are two more left, and I’m debating whether I should power my way through them this weekend or take a break. I really want to take a break, because #4 was not nearly as good as #1, and also because it’s just time for a break. Buuuut…there is a part of me that wants to read them just to actually finish what’s available for the series. Other than Harry Potter, it might be one of the few times that’s happened.

It did get me thinking about the New Year and reading in general, though, and I think I’d like to keep track of the books I read. I used to do that, many years ago, and it’s interesting to go back and look at what I read. Most of the time I’ve completely forgotten. (See above, re: terrible memory.) Here’s the official start of it. Let’s see how far 2012 can take me!

  1. The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey
  2. One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey
  3. Fortune’s Fool by Mercedes Lackey
  4. The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey
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