Review: Forbidden by Syrie James & Ryan M. James

I decided this time along that I would keep of log of my reading progress. We’ll see if it’s any fun compared to an off-the-cuff review afterward!

Before I get started

The cover is pretty. Not enough for me to buy it based on that alone, but pretty enough that I couldn’t resist checking it out. Based on the blurb, it’s another angel book. Which, now that I think about it, is the reason it ended up on my TBR list (see previous post, re: Goodreads group). My library happened to have this one in stock through Overdrive, which moved this to the top of the list. I’m really crossing my fingers that this one will be good.

First few pages

Wow. 3rd person with a shifting POV? It’s so strange for YA paranormal that it almost threw me off, but YAY. I love 3rd person. More people should write 3rd person.

Not far enough in to give any decent opinions of the characters, etc., but I like the names: Claire, Alec, Erica, Brian . . . good, solid names, nothing too frilly or silly.

4% – 6% Danger, Will Robinson!

“struggling to hide an immediate, overpowering attraction” – Oh god. Please tell me this won’t be insta-love AGAIN.

Alec does an awful lot of stammering, blushing and stomach-fluttering. But Claire thinks he’s a bit of a freak, and she’s not insta-crushing on him. That’s a good sign.





Claire’s mom totally knows something. And Alec is forgiven for his blushing, since he obviously doesn’t have the hang of this whole human thing.


I shall now call Alec “Alec Cullen” in honor of his mysterious ohmigod-he-saved-my-life powers.

“Do you think Alec is a vampire?” – Hahahaha! Apparently Claire agrees. Also, she’s talking over the weirdness of Alec with her friends rather than being all mopey and solitary about it. Well played, James and James.


Wow, some actual information about what’s going on with Claire. This is why I love 3rd person.


It’s refreshing that it’s the guy who’s got the crush in this story. I guess the guys probably have crushes in some other stories, too, but since we don’t get their POV, we don’t get to see it.


They’re having an actual grown-up conversation about what’s happening! They’re not continuing to hide things, they’re not skirting around the truth for supposed “own good” or anything like that! I could hug this book.


If this wasn’t a work night, I’d keep reading.

51% – 87%

On the treadmill, so I couldn’t take many notes. Lots of good (i.e. entertaining, not necessarily good for the characters) things are happening, and I’m definitely interested to see where it’s going.

I KNEW Claire’s mom knew.

Also, I’m suspicious of Neil. I wonder if Vincent’s instincts were right. He’s just too nice. Too good to be true.




Oooo, I want to say lots of bad words about Vincent right now.


Aww, I was wrong about Neil. I’m kind of glad, though. Good for you, James and James, for surprising me.


Oh, NICE. Helena is more than she seems! I like it.




This was a really good book. Satisfying across the board. The characters were interesting, and I cared about them. The romance was sweet and not artificial. The plot wasn’t necessarily all that different from other books of its type, but it was well-drawn and had some surprises. It wrapped up most threads at the end while revealing and introducing things that will make for a good start on the sequel. Which, by the way, I will read.

It wasn’t quite obsessively engrossing enough to become a favorite, frequent reread type of book, but I would recommend it for anyone looking for a pleasant way to pass a few hours.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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