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Since I’m on a quest to read a bunch of different romance novels of all sorts, I decided I needed a more cost-effective way of building my library than spending $7.99+ for the kindle versions of titles I might not even enjoy. I’m all for ebooks, and 90% of the stuff I read these days is in an electronic format, but I haven’t won the lottery yet. And since it’s not Saturday at 6 am, I can’t venture to neighborhood yard sales (though HEY, that’s an idea!). Thus:


I have to say, I was disappointed in their pricing. $1.99 per book for a crappy selection? Dayum. And, naturally, it was orange tag day, and practically none of the books I wanted had orange tags. Still, it comes in at about half the price of my local used bookstore, it was more convenient (because it’s actually still open when I get off work), and I’m not terribly picky at this point. Only two lousy shelves worth, but I can make do. For now.

I picked authors I’ve heard of, and I tried to get a spread of subjects and time periods. I attempted to silence all of my fears about cowboys and the Scottish Highlands and rakish princes. They didn’t have any sheik books, which is something of a relief. I’m not sure how I’m going to get through one of those. (But I will, dammit! I mean, what if I like it???) I even let myself get one paranormal suspense, because I’ve yet to read the author, and I figure I’m more likely to enjoy that one. It’ll be my reward if I suffer through something I hate.

Man, I sound pessimistic about this, don’t I? I’m really not. I’m really excited to dive into a new set of fictional worlds and see what I think of them.

How do you think I did?

Goodwill Books

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