A Revelation

I’ve been reading a lot this year. My goal to read 100 books this year is coming along really well — 37 books read so far! Part of my success has been my huge stash of books and my ability to pick up anything I want at the drop of a hat, thanks to my Kindle. I make sure that I don’t go more than a couple of days before I pick a new book, even if I’m not in the mood to read.

Next week a local book group is going to be discussing World War Z by Max Brooks. Since it’s been on the peripheral of my TBR list for awhile, I thought it would be worth reading just to join the discussion, so a friend and I dropped by a local used bookstore to look for it. They didn’t have it, but I had almost $40 in credit . . . and well, it’s a bookstore! I had to browse.

Half an hour later, I had my revelation: I would rather read a book on my Kindle than on paper.

I was sort of flabbergasted by myself. I love books! I love the feel of the paper, the smell of it (unless from a smoking home, ew), the bright, smooth covers, all of it. I own a lot of them. And yet?

I can get a Kindle book the second I want it. I can download tons of free books. I can sync on wi-fi and read the same book on my K3, my Fire, my computer, or my phone. My K3 has text-to-speech, so I can read at work or in my car. My Fire is backlit, so I can read in bed with the light out. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in my purse — well, okay, I carry both of my Kindles at all times, which I guess is bulkier than a paperback, but I don’t have to worry about it getting bent up. (I’m a little anal-retentive about my books getting bent up, or even basic wear and tear.)

Needless to say, I didn’t buy a bunch of books. I found one for myself, and a few for my husband and son. I used up all of my credit, and I suspect it’ll be awhile before I go back.

Man, I sound like an advertisement for amazon, don’t I? Can’t help it. I’m an ebook girl, through and through . . . I just didn’t realize it until today!

Except I REALLY don’t want to pay $11.99 for World War Z. *sigh* Even I can admit there are some disadvantages, but it’s still cheaper than a brand new hardback, and not any more than a new trade paperback. Maybe I’ll press my luck and hope Overdrive notifies me that my library download is ready.

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