Wonderful Wednesday!

It’s hump day! Over halfway through the work week, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about the various kick ass things that can be found in my little online world? For my inaugural Wonderful Wednesday¬†post, I’d like to praise two of my favorite book-related things: amazon.com wish lists and ereaderiq.com price tracking, which go hand in hand to accomplish the one thing that truly makes it worth praising…

It lets me get more books for less money.

What reader wouldn’t love that?!


Wish Lists

Amazon’s wish list function is pretty stinkin’ awesome in general. I never used it in the early days, because I always thought of it as something only useful for giving other people a list of things I wanted for Christmas and birthdays. Then, about two years ago, I realized that these wish lists are really for ME. Sure, I still give my mother-in-law the link every year at Christmas, but the real reason I use the wish lists is to track the things I want (or need), but don’t intend to buy right that second. It not only keeps me from forgetting, but it works almost like an online bookmark to let me keep track of items I like before I commit to buying them.

Take Halloween, for instance. I decided I was going as Katniss from The Hunger Games, movie style. Easy enough, but there were so many options! I could do the leather jacket and knee-high boots from the beginning, or her training outfit, or her arena gear. Did I want to just buy the basics and a bow, and let the bow identify me, or was I going to go all out and get every possible matching accessory? Officially-licensed replicas or cheaper close-enough options? Thus, the Katniss Costume Wish List was born. I poked around and added items that fit any of my possible costumes.

And the coolest thing?


All it takes is a handy add-on or a bookmark. It will even prompt you if it finds that same item available on amazon. I have amazon Prime, so I tend to buy everything I can on amazon for the included 2-day shipping, so it’s very helpful to be able to check prices versus shipping and such. There’s also a little memo function that allows you to just type in the name of an item to remember to search for later. Brilliance.

My main wish list is, naturally, dedicated to books.


Any time I see one that looks interesting, I stick it on here. I add it to Goodreads, too, and sometimes I have to backtrack and make sure I get all my books in both places, for the most part it’s pretty easy to keep up.

And this is where it gets really good.


Price Tracking

If you’ve never been to eReaderIQ, I highly recommend poking around over there. I was introduced to it for its free book listings, and I still check those on occasion just to see what looks interesting. But once I discovered the price tracking function, I’ve gotten so many of my wish list books for cheap that I hardly ever need to look at the free ones.

I won’t give the step-by-step instructions here, because it’s pretty easy to figure out. What you need to know is that it lets you import your amazon wish list directly into the site based on the registered email. You set a notification price based on a dollar amount or a percentage. I typically set mine to notify me whenever a book’s price drops by 50% or more, which means that a $9.99 book will have to drop under $5 for it to notify me.


I often have indie books on my list that are already pretty cheap, but hey, I won’t complain about getting a few dollars discount. Also, this is very handy for indie books, as they often get offered for FREE. (See why I rarely need to check the free lists any more?)

So once you take the 3 minutes it takes to set this up, you start getting lovely emails like this:


Yes, you’re seeing this right, ladies and gentleman. This book was just released two weeks ago, and now I’ve gotten it for $3 (because hell yeah, I bought it!). Prices like this on books like this usually don’t last for long, often only a day, so these emails are KEY for nabbing them while they’re cheap.

Damn you, amazon, for figuring out how to make me spend more money….

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