Wonderful Wednesday – Whispersync

Anyone who discusses ebooks with me for three seconds will learn that I’m an amazon fangirl. I love the site layout, the selection, the prices, and the Kindle itself. I own a Kindle Keyboard (4th edition) and a Kindle Fire (1st edition), and I’ve eyed the new Kindle Fire and just haven’t convinced myself to spend the money yet.

But for today’s Wonderful Wednesday, I specifically want to touch on a new-ish feature that I adore: Whispersync.

I’m fond of audio books for long car trips and the daily commute, but I also listen at work and at the gym. One of my favorite things about my Kindle Keyboard is the ability turn on Text-to-Speech and have it read books to me. Given the price of the average audio book and the fact that many books I enjoy are not available, I’ve used it quite a lot. It also means that I can listen at work and then put my eyes to the screen when I get home. The voice is a bit computerized, but it’s honestly not bad once you get used to it.

Needless to say, the introduction of Whispersync was like amazon was reading my mind. (Were they? There’s a good novel in that, I’m sure….) In a nutshell, the Whispersync function lets you sync up your Kindle ebook and your audible audio book, so I can listen to the professional voice recording in the car, and when I get home I can still easily pick up the book at that spot and read.

They are currently offering some great deals on books, too, where, if you buy the ebook, you can get a reduced price on the audio book.


The Hunger Games in ebook AND audio for $9.95? SIGN ME UP! (And, as a side note…I did buy this one, and it’s an awesome audio book. Same for Catching Fire.)

And if you’re at all into classics, there are some great free options. Free ebook + free audio book always = awesome, but especially when those audio books are normally $35! Just check out this list for all the lovely choices.

Hope this makes your Wednesday a little more wonderful, too!

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