A Revelation

I’ve been reading a lot this year. My goal to read 100 books this year is coming along really well — 37 books read so far! Part of my success has been my huge stash of books and my ability to pick up anything I want at the drop of a hat, thanks to my Kindle. I make sure that I don’t go more than a couple of days before I pick a new book, even if I’m not in the mood to read.

Next week a local book group is going to be discussing World War Z by Max Brooks. Since it’s been on the peripheral of my TBR list for awhile, I thought it would be worth reading just to join the discussion, so a friend and I dropped by a local used bookstore to look for it. They didn’t have it, but I had almost $40 … Continue reading

Why I Love My Kindle

I love the feel of a paperback (never hardback, ugh) book in my hands. I own around a thousand of them, all proudly displayed on shelves in my living room. My mom has always been a big reader, and her own shelves dwarf mine. I worked in several different book stores in my teens and twenties. I was an English major. I come by it naturally.

I’m the sort of person who can walk into Barnes & Noble and spend 3 hours just looking at book covers and reading the copy. I’m the same with libraries. It’s like a drug. (To be fair, I was also the same with Blockbuster Video, before it went the way of Netflix.)

But I also like technology and the toys that come with it. I rarely snap things up the second they’re out on the market, but once they’re tested and there’s a bit … Continue reading