Review: Taken by the Prince by Christina Dodd

I decided that, in choosing where to start my romance novel quest, I wouldn’t look at existing reviews of the books. I didn’t want to go into something already dreading it, or with my expectations far higher than they should be for a non-romance reader. I used a highly sophisticated eeny-meeny-miney-mo method for choosing my book, and voila!

Can I just start by saying…o hai grown-up Ben Barnes lookalike! Who cares if the cover costuming looks rather modern when we’ve got him smoldering at us???

*clears throat* Aaaanyway.

I loved this book. Seriously.

As I believe I’ve already said, I’m a little afraid of historical novels in general. I’ve never been a fan of history, in school or otherwise, and so I guess I go into these books assuming that I can’t … Continue reading

Goodwill Book Cache

Since I’m on a quest to read a bunch of different romance novels of all sorts, I decided I needed a more cost-effective way of building my library than spending $7.99+ for the kindle versions of titles I might not even enjoy. I’m all for ebooks, and 90% of the stuff I read these days is in an electronic format, but I haven’t won the lottery yet. And since it’s not Saturday at 6 am, I can’t venture to neighborhood yard sales (though HEY, that’s an idea!). Thus:


I have to say, I was disappointed in their pricing. $1.99 per book for a crappy selection? Dayum. And, naturally, it was orange tag day, and practically none of the books I wanted had orange tags. Still, it comes in at about half the price of my local used bookstore, it was more convenient (because it’s actually still open when I … Continue reading

A Noble, Romantic Quest

And what is this quest, you ask? Well, I was an English major, and I’ve read plenty of stories detailing quests. Among my favorites were those of Arthurian knights looking for the Holy Grail, or Psyche trying to get back to her Cupid. Alas, this quest is not so classic, nor is it that kind of romantic, though I consider it rather noble in its own way.

I want to find truly awesome romance novels.

Now, a little background: I am not a romance reader. While I’ll admit to rolling my eyes at some passages I’ve seen or been shown, I’m not intrinsically opposed to them. I think that, like all books, there are good ones and bad ones. I gravitate toward urban fantasy, young adult, and suspense novels, because I enjoy the subject matter they tend to explore–worlds unlike our own where myth and magic come alive, finding … Continue reading