Wonderful Wednesday – Whispersync

Anyone who discusses ebooks with me for three seconds will learn that I’m an amazon fangirl. I love the site layout, the selection, the prices, and the Kindle itself. I own a Kindle Keyboard (4th edition) and a Kindle Fire (1st edition), and I’ve eyed the new Kindle Fire and just haven’t convinced myself to spend the money yet.

But for today’s Wonderful Wednesday, I specifically want to touch on a new-ish feature that I adore: Whispersync.

I’m fond of audio books for long car trips and the daily commute, but I also listen at work and at the gym. One of my favorite things about my Kindle Keyboard is the ability turn on Text-to-Speech and have it read books to me. Given the price of the average audio book and the fact that many books I enjoy are not available, I’ve used it quite a lot. It also … Continue reading

Wonderful Wednesday!

It’s hump day! Over halfway through the work week, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about the various kick ass things that can be found in my little online world? For my inaugural Wonderful Wednesday post, I’d like to praise two of my favorite book-related things: amazon.com wish lists and ereaderiq.com price tracking, which go hand in hand to accomplish the one thing that truly makes it worth praising…

It lets me get more books for less money.

What reader wouldn’t love that?!


Wish Lists

Amazon’s wish list function is pretty stinkin’ awesome in general. I never used it in the early days, because I always thought of it as something only useful for giving other people a list of things I wanted for Christmas and birthdays. Then, about two years ago, I realized that these wish … Continue reading

A Revelation

I’ve been reading a lot this year. My goal to read 100 books this year is coming along really well — 37 books read so far! Part of my success has been my huge stash of books and my ability to pick up anything I want at the drop of a hat, thanks to my Kindle. I make sure that I don’t go more than a couple of days before I pick a new book, even if I’m not in the mood to read.

Next week a local book group is going to be discussing World War Z by Max Brooks. Since it’s been on the peripheral of my TBR list for awhile, I thought it would be worth reading just to join the discussion, so a friend and I dropped by a local used bookstore to look for it. They didn’t have it, but I had almost $40 … Continue reading

Book Hoarding

Hi. My name is Eliza, and I’m a hoarder.

Well, a hoarder of books, anyway. (And okay, office supplies, too, but we’re not talking about that.)

Pretty much all of my friends are geeks and readers, so collectively they own lots and lots of books, but no one has quite the collection I do. Some of this could be a space issue, because people living in a small apartment are obviously not going to have as much room for bookcases as me in my 2400 sq ft house.

But really, I had almost as many when I was in a small apartment.

I honestly don’t know what the exact count is. I’ve done a few estimates by counting the number of books on one shelf and then multiplying by the number of shelves (approximately 1100 books), but that doesn’t even count my massive Kindle library. The strangest part — the … Continue reading

Review: Forbidden by Syrie James & Ryan M. James

I decided this time along that I would keep of log of my reading progress. We’ll see if it’s any fun compared to an off-the-cuff review afterward!

Before I get started

The cover is pretty. Not enough for me to buy it based on that alone, but pretty enough that I couldn’t resist checking it out. Based on the blurb, it’s another angel book. Which, now that I think about it, is the reason it ended up on my TBR list (see previous post, re: Goodreads group). My library happened to have this one in stock through Overdrive, which moved this to the top of the list. I’m really crossing my fingers that this one will be good.

First few pages

Wow. 3rd person with a shifting POV? It’s so strange for YA paranormal that it almost threw me … Continue reading

Review: A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

I think this may be a first. This book has a cliffhanger ending, and I didn’t hate it. The ending, that is. The book? Well, it left plenty to be desired.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

A Beautiful Dark is yet another YA with a beautiful cover. I’d say that was responsible for drawing me in (because I’m oh-so succeptible to the draw), but it actually wasn’t this time. One of my groups over at Goodreads, Never too old for YA Books, has books(s) of the month, and this month’s theme is Angels and Demons. This was the chosen Angel book for April.

In a nutshell, the story is about recently-turned-17 orphan Skye, who starts back to school for the new semester to find two new guys vying for her attention. Said new guys, … Continue reading

Reviews: The Battle of the Lilys

No, there’s no a book by that title. (I don’t think. *checks* Nope, I’m safe.) I just realized this week that I read 2.5 books last weekend, and they ALL featured characters named Lily. Weird. I wonder if Fate was trying to tell me something–and if she was, it better be something good! Like, someone named Lily is getting ready to give me a million dollars.

The three books were:

Untitled and In Progress by A Friend of Mine
Hourglass by Myra McEntire
Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

In the first, Lily is the main character’s best friend. She’s spunky and fun, blond, and may be facing some major life changes that parallel the main plot.

In Hourglass, Lily is the main character’s best friend. She’s spunky and fun, dark-haired, and helps the main character deal with major life issues to advance … Continue reading

Why I Love My Kindle

I love the feel of a paperback (never hardback, ugh) book in my hands. I own around a thousand of them, all proudly displayed on shelves in my living room. My mom has always been a big reader, and her own shelves dwarf mine. I worked in several different book stores in my teens and twenties. I was an English major. I come by it naturally.

I’m the sort of person who can walk into Barnes & Noble and spend 3 hours just looking at book covers and reading the copy. I’m the same with libraries. It’s like a drug. (To be fair, I was also the same with Blockbuster Video, before it went the way of Netflix.)

But I also like technology and the toys that come with it. I rarely snap things up the second they’re out on the market, but once they’re tested and there’s a bit … Continue reading

Starting the New Year Off Right

I officially started 2012 with a laid back evening of Game of Thrones with a friend of mine, and my husband half-watching from his computer in the background. We managed to watch all 10 episodes in a row, without breaking for sleep, finishing sometime around 4:30 am. Good stuff. I want to read the books now, BUT.

I’m notoriously bad about starting series and never finishing them.

It’s not that I dislike series–on the contrary, I love the idea of getting to live in a cherished world for book after book–but I tend to need a palette cleanser after a couple of books of the same genre. Either that, or life gets in the way of my reading habit, and by the time I come back, I’m in the mood for something completely different. Case in point, my romance novel quest. (I’ll get back to it eventually, but for … Continue reading

Damn You, Father Time

I have far too many things demanding my time. Which is to say, no time to read this past week, and that made me a little cranky. It’s always a matter of choices, but sometimes it is the way it is. Let me break it down.

Mandatory overtime at work. Journey concert. Working on my novel and a short story. Bi-weekly Pathfinder game. Add in a little sleep, and that pretty much takes up all the time.

The work and the sleep are unfortunate necessities. The concert and the gaming were fun, but pre-planned, so there was no rearranging  them in favor of reading. And the writing is sort of both–fun, because I love it, and necessary, because one of these days it’ll replace the day job. One quest temporarily overshadowing another, I suppose.

BUT. I need to pick a new book to read for the coming days. I can’t … Continue reading